Editing Clips w/ video editor -- SingleSong >> MultiSong

I have a question about adding in/out points to parse a previously uploaded clip that contains actually multiple songs, but has been uploaded as a ‘single song’ clip. For example, the following two clips:

I could be missing something, but it seems that if the original contributor selected “single song” in the initial “Add Content” process for the clip, we can’t now turn that clip into a multi-song file to break out each individual song. You’ll see if you try to edit the examples I linked that even though there is the ability to specify an in/out point within the video editor tool, you can’t actually redefine the clip as “multi-song” in order to add the in/out points for each song. maybe i’m missing something.

You are correct @Mandelbrot there is currently no way to turn a single chapter clip into a multi-chapter one, we haven’t had time to add this functionality to the site.

We’ll review and see if we can’t come up with a solution. In the meantime, as a stop-gap, you can add the same YT URL again, and choose the multi-chapter option, then zero out the original clip and it will be flagged for deletion.

Not very elegant, but the best we can do for the moment.

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