Rock peaks plugin + plex + thumbs

hey there,
ive integrated my plex media server with the rock peaks plug in to assist in verifying my metadata for my live music collection… the issue i’m having is the thumbnails for my clips aren’t really looking that great. any chance on this improving or do i resort to manually making my own thumbnails?

Excellent question Mandelbrot, thanks for asking. You’re right, a lot of the thumbnails in our system are pretty crappy, and we share your desire to improve them. We’ll be introducing an ability to upload custom thumbs shortly, but a more exciting (and more efficient) feature is our new “smart image selection” process that scans through a video and uses fancy artificial intelligence to automatically select a good looking still.

We’re just running some tests internally with it, and expect to roll it out slowly, on an artist-by-artist basis over the coming weeks. Is there a particular artist in your collection you’d like us to try with? We’d love it if you’d help us beta test this new feature!

Hoping I might offer an artist suggestion too – my Plex collection of Bauhaus clips could really benefit from some better imagery, if it isn’t too much trouble.


Greetings Roger, nice of you to join us!

We’ve just done an initial pass updating the imagery on Bauhaus, so have a look at a page like this one and let us know what you think. We’re still ironing out a few issues, and there is definitely room for improvement.