Where are all my reviews?

Hey guys, love the new look of the site!! I’m still getting familiar with things, but noticed that not all of the reviews I wrote seem to here…any ideas???

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Great to hear from you Brian! Yes, you’re correct, only 100 of the 200 or so reviews you’ve written have been ported over to the new system. We’re working on getting the rest in here, so watch this space!

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Howdy Brian, your remaining reviews have been added, let us know if we missed any, and thanks for your patience!

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Nice, great to see them back! OK, another question: When I clicked on the page for this John Lennon concert film Disc I don’t see a button where I would click to write a review or leave a comment or anything. And nothing happens when I click on any of the individual tracks on the left side.

Good question Brian. We’ve just been working on Disc pages so please go back to the John Lennon concert and have another look. You’ll now see that the tracklisting items on the left are clickable, plus an icon in the upper right allows you to “Load Into Player” all the active tracks for this disc. Give it a shot! And why not try locating any missing clips by clicking on the MORE link on the thumbnails on a clip page.

Regarding reviewing Discs, we haven’t provided for that functionality at this time. But please feel free to review individual clips!

One other thing - the issue you were having with the double log in should now also be fixed - let us know if you’re still seeing that behaviour.